Three Kurdish Literary and Cultural Figures Arrested

Aug 2, 20110 comments

A human rights activist in the Kurdistan Province told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that last week three literary and cultural figures of Gilanegharb were arrested by security forces and transferred to the Kermanshah Intelligence office. The three detained individuals are Jamal Khani, poet, Farhad Vakilinia, teacher, and Naeem Najafi, a student, all of whom have been active in the field of Kurdish literature and culture. Khani, Vakilinia, and Najafi are members of the Baanan Society in Gilnanegharb and managed a website named “Taagh-e Vosaan.” The reasons for the arrests and detention and the three individuals’ charges are unknown. It is reported that during the same week, security forces went to the homes of three other Kurdish activists in Gilanegharb, but were unable to arrest the individuals. Source: