United for Iran is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization started and operated by Iranian activists and former political prisoners. We advance civil liberties and human rights in Iran by strengthening Iranian civil society, supporting Iranian freedom movements, and building people power through cutting edge research and technology.

As a feminist organization, we have an intersectional point of view, challenge discrimination in all its forms, and are part of a movement that believes that coexistence is possible and democracy is necessary in Iran. 

In our day to day work, we enable and accelerate grassroots movements in Iran and the diaspora, we expose human rights violations in the Iranian judicial system, and we develop subversive tools that weaken the regime’s hold on Iranians’ freedoms.

Because we work outside of Iran’s borders—in Iraq, Turkey, Spain, Canada and the United States—we are able to agitate, advocate and organize without fearing for our lives. That is a freedom we never take for granted and one we proudly leverage on behalf of our allies inside Iran who risk their lives every time they speak up.

Ultimately, we want to see an Iran that is vibrant, open and democratic, where all Iranians, especially women, minorities and other oppressed groups, can enjoy full political freedoms and civil liberties. Where everyone is equal before the law and treated with dignity and respect. We envision a future where social, economic, and decision-making power is equal between marginalized and dominant groups.

Since 2009, we have helped launch over two dozen subversive mobile apps like GershadNahoft and Hamdam, which have been downloaded over 900,000 times, giving Iranians tools to expand their civil, political and economic freedoms under the brutal regime. 

We are a watchdog for Iranian political prisoners. Since 2011, as part of Iran Prison Atlas, we have been monitoring every arrest, every abuse of power and instance of torture in order to save lives as well as document abuses for the future, when justice will be served. 

We support protestors in the streets and  activist movements in Iran through our Safe Activism project, where we teach activists how to reduce the serious risks related to activism in Iran and to protect themselves in case of arrest, interrogation and incarceration.


We strengthen Iran’s social movements,  civil society, marginalized communities, and everyday people to collectively advance social equality and human rights in Iran. We do this through technology, documentation, awareness raising, and capacity building.


We envision an Iran where all Iranians—in particular women, ethnic and religious minorities, the queer community, and the economically disenfranchised—are ensured equality, equity, and full political, economic, social and cultural freedoms. An Iran that is vibrant, just, open and democratic.


    1. We believe in the inherent human dignity and freedom of all people of Iran.
    2. We champion human rights of all Iranians, and prioritize the most marginalized.
    3. We believe that defending human rights is the responsibility of us all and that everyone has a role to play. 
    4. We are committed to “doing no harm” and never jeopardize anyone’s safety or freedom.
    5. We believe that quality data and meaningful stories can create real change.
    6. We believe that, in the right hands, technology is a powerful tool for good.
    7. We do our work in community with openness, kindness and generosity of spirit.
    8. We share resources, attention, credibility and responsibility with our allies.
    9. We believe that, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
    10. We resist the tyranny and oppression in Iran with compassion, hope and optimism.
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Defend Human Rights

We are a human rights watchdog.

We spotlight human rights violations in the judicial system in Iran. With Iran Prison Atlas, we collect data on Iranian political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, monitor conditions in prisons, and track every sentence, abuse of power and human rights violation by judges, attorneys, prison wardens and others. Our Iran Human Rights Barometer project analyzes and visualizes urgent human rights data related to Iran.

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Improve Civil Liberties

We support freedom movements.

From women and Kurdish rights to disability and workers’ rights, Iranians are resisting and advocating for their freedoms. Our Safe Activism project empowers activists across issues, regions and identities to do their resistance work safely. Nahoft allows Iranians to access information, exchange ideas, advocate for human rights, and organize undetected by the regime. We collaborate with in-country and diaspora allies to launch online campaigns that lead to direct pressure on the IRI.

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Build People Power

We shift power to the Iranian people.

Our apps put power directly into Iranians’ hands to advocate for themselves and each other. Our IranCubator accelerator enables grassroots leaders, activists and movements to scale and sustain their efforts through technology. Gershad helps Iranians avoid the morality police through crowdsourcing and mutual support. Haami empowers recovering addicts while Toranj helps victims of domestic violence to advocate for themselves.

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Champion Minority Rights

We prioritize the most oppressed.

All Iranians are oppressed under the brutal, authoritarian regime, but women and ethnic, religious, linguistic and sexual minorities are doubly oppressed. Our mobile technologies, campaigns, data, visualizations and organizing put the needs of the most oppressed in the society first. When they are free, we will all be free.