What is Iran Prison Atlas?

The Iran Prison Atlas (IPA) was started in 2011 by former political prisoners who wanted to help protect their imprisoned friends and fellow activists in Iran. Through the documentation of prisoners, the condition of prisons, and transparency around the judges and judicial system that imprisons Iranians, we develop a clear lens through which we can understand the status of the human rights situation in Iran. 

The arrest and detention of political prisoners is a direct reflection of the status of fundamental freedoms in Iran, including the freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, association, and religion. Moreover, the treatment of prisoners in Iran also reveals patterns of human rights violations committed by the Iranian state against the most vulnerable. Finally, through tracking the judges and members of the judicial system who violate fundamental human rights, the IPA aims to create a future of transparency and accountability in Iran’s justice system.  

The Atlas has grown over the years, and now provides a more complete view of Iran’s prison system and has documented over 7,000 Iranian judges, prisons, and political prisoners. United Nations officials, national governments, advocacy groups, and media outlets worldwide use the Iran Prison Atlas to report on the situation in Iran and advocate for change. U4I and other organizations also utilize the database to work closely with the families of prisoners to advocate for their humane treatment and release. 

By sharing information on political prisoners, the judicial officials who arrest and convict them and prisons that hold them, the Iran Prison Atlas shines a bright light on Iran’s judiciary system and ensures that every time a courtroom is used to take the life or the liberty of a human right defender, the world will know.


Over 6,000 Political Prisoner Cases Documented

8,200 Arbitrary Arrests Documented

19,000 Documented Rights Violations by the Islamic Republic

5 Million Views of Iran Prison Atlas Content

As a nationwide Iranian organization, the Iran Prison Atlas has made efforts to establish a presence in Arab areas of Iran through consistent follow-up. Despite the challenges inherent in this work, their aim is to combat media discrimination against Arabs. The IPA serves as a crucial source documenting and raising awareness about human rights violations in the Arab regions of Iran. They have successfully published comprehensive and firsthand reports on these issues. We consider the IPA to be a valuable ally of marginalized communities, and we express our hope that they will continue their endeavors to foster peaceful coexistence among people from diverse regions.

- Karoon Human Rights Organization

The Iran Prison Atlas has made significant strides in enhancing the quality of human rights initiatives across various regions in Iran through its provision of consulting services and training workshops. As one of the pioneering Iranian organizations, IPA has been dedicated to bridging the gap between nationwide and marginalized groups. Through its inclusive approach and active presence in different regions of Iran, IPA has established itself as a trusted authority in documenting and reporting instances of human rights violations. Notably, IPA has formed a longstanding partnership with Kurdpa, and both organizations have been mutually supportive in their endeavors for years.

- Kurdpa