The three Americans will be tried soon

Jan 13, 20100 comments

Although a few weeks ago the Iranian officials announced the trial date for the three Americans who accidentally entered the Iranian soil five months ago, and the trial never took placeو Ramin Mehman Parast announced on Monday that the trial will soon take place but he did not indicate a specific date. In the past five months, the prisoners’ families were not granted permission to have phone conversations with the prisoners. Their lawyer, Masoud Shafii, was also unable to visit them in the past two weeks. The judicial officers have stated that the files are still under investigation. In the past few months, Swiss embassy’s officials, the U.S. intersection in Iran, have only been able to visit the three prisoners twice. Last week, Ala’Addin Boroujerdi, from the Iranian Foreign Policies Commission said not to expect the freedom of the three prisoners anytime soon. Referring to the Iranian citizens’ arrest by the United States in the past, he stressed the possibility of this case being a political attack. He stated “Americans harshly arrested the Iranian diplomats who were official representatives against the international convention, and held them captive for a long period of time.” Please click here if you’d like to visit the sites created by the prisoners’ families in their support and solidarity. Source: