The Next Big Day: June 12, 2010 (22 Khordad)

May 18, 20100 comments

We’ve gotten a lot of emails lately wondering what was going to materialize for June 12th. To mark one year since the disputed 2009 election, U4I is coordinating a global day in partnership with wide range of local, student, and online groups, prominent NGOs, seasoned activists, concerned citizens, and many more. More than 60 cities have already committed to events!

(See below for the map OR click here to see the map in its full size.)

Together with various sponsors, including Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, the Nobel Women’s Initiative, FIDH & LDDHI, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, Pen International, along with invaluable  partners, and tireless local & student groups, was created as the primary site for additional updates, information, footage, toolkits, calls to action, and other parts of the global day. The world is witnessing a blooming civil & human rights movements, the likes of which are rarely seen in any Muslim country. As the movement has evolved over the past year, the focus has shifted very much from “Where is my vote” to “Where are my rights?” With an increase in the number arbitrary arrests of activists, students, journalists, women, ethnic & religious minorities, and ordinary citizens — in addition to some disappearing, and especially in light of the recent executions — it’s become clear that the role of the international community is to illuminate the cases of Iran’s prisoners of conscience (PoC). Many have been held in solitary confinement or forced into show trials and false confessions. Reports of rape and torture in prison surfaced quickly following the election, as it became apparent the IRI was using, and continues to use, sexual and emotional abuse as a means to demoralize and stigmatize the detainees. For all the reasons listed above, and many more, the next global day will focus heavily on the cases of prisoners of conscience. Regional and student groups around the world are “adopting” a prisoner of conscience for whom they will become the lead advocate. U4I has a toolkit for each selected prisoner of conscience that groups are using to promote their events and prisoner. Toolkits will include individualize postcards to be mailed to various embassies an consulates, in addition to t-shirt, poster, banner, and mask designs. In addition to local events, there will be an online public advocacy campaign for each selected PoC. The online component involves sending individualized e-letters to strategic targets around the globe, including to the IRI embassies. The postcards can be printed out, hand addressed, and snail-mailed directly to the embassies and consulates. Another significant part of the day is the mobile billboard project. The majority of the funding raised for June 12th will go towards supporting local groups and towards deploying mobile billboards across 15 cities worldwide. It’s historically been a very effective, and relatively inexpensive, method of garnering media attention for those that need it most. Please considering donating to help fund the mobile billboard project. 100% of the proceeds from fundraising will be dedicated towards making the day happen.

Watch the video below (about 10 seconds in) for an example of a mobile billboard in action during the September 2009 United Nations General Assembly. The mobile billboard drove by the IRI Mission during which the crowd was engaged in “roll call,” just as people do in schools. The organizers on stage read a PoC name, and the crowd would respond “Present!”

Visit to find all relevant information about the day!

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