Tehran Conference on “Human Rights in the US”

Oct 20, 20100 comments

Iran’s semi-official Student News Agency, ISNA, announced the commencement of an international conference on “Human Rights Status in the United States” at Tehran University’s College of Law and Political Science. The one-day conference will concentrate on “reviewing the growth of real international support for human rights and its challenges as a result of the United States’ actions.” Member of Parliament Mohammad Hossein Aboutorabi Fard will deliver the opening address. According to Tehran Times, “the conference will be attended by officials, pundits, and academics from Iran and foreign countries.” Tehran Times reported that “another conference is also scheduled to be held in the United Nations to review the status of human rights in the US.”  The Tehran conference on Human Rights in the US,” sponsored by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, takes place in Tehran while Iranian authorities have consistently regarded the issue of human rights in Iran as a “domestic issue,” considering other countries’ statements about violations of human rights in Iran as interference in Iran’s domestic affairs.

Source: http://www.iranhumanrights.org/2010/10/tehran-conference-us-human-rights/