Success: Yahoo Restores Ability to Create Email Accounts

May 20, 20140 comments

**Breaking news: Yahoo has agreed to restore the ability of Iranians to create yahoo mail accounts by the end of September 2014.**

Over the last two weeks 22,000 signed a petition calling on Yahoo to restore the ability of people in Iran to create email accounts. Thousands more took to social media to make sure that Yahoo knew we were concerned. The petitions was delivered by Reza Ghazinouri, United of Iran’s spokesperson to Yahoo earlier this week. Yahoo representatives have now committed to ensuring that people in Iran will be able to create email accounts by the end of September.  

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  This is fantastic news and a clear sign that the company heard our voices loudly and clearly. 63% of Iranians use Yahoo as their primary email service—this move will help ensure that people in Iran aren’t driven to use less secure services. We should all take a moment to celebrate this progress, and we need to remember it’s not over yet. It’s up to all of us to make sure that Yahoo follows through on their commitment. Thank you to Berim for spearheading this campaign and to you for being the type of person that takes action.