Platypus New York Presents an Iran Teach-In with Ervand Abrahamian:

Apr 27, 20100 comments

Forging a Left in Iran: Possibilities and difficulties A teach-in on labor, human rights and prospects for a Left in Iran with Ervand Abrahamian May 2nd at 1 – 5pm Tisch School of Arts, NYU (721 Broadway)

The Platypus Affiliated Society, in collaboration with United4Iran, Amnesty International and the Network of Iranian Unions (NILU) has organized a teach-in on Iran for May 2nd, from 1-5pm at the Tisch School of Arts, NYU (721 Broadway). The keynote speaker for the evening  will be historian on Iran and outspoken voice on the recent events, CUNY professor Ervand Abrahamian. The day will consist of an opening informational (1-2pm) panel, a workshop (2-3pm), a break with refreshments provided (3-3:30pm) and the keynote address with Ervand Abrahamian followed by an audience Q&A (3:30-5pm).

We would like to raise questions about the direction of the Green movement in Iran, with an especial, though not exclusive, focus on labor organization in Iran, the role it’s playing and what it may achieve in the future. This teach-in will produce political discussion around these questions and inform students, faculty, and the public at large of the ongoing events in Iran. We would like to brainstorm (during the workshop especially) what kind of political response would further possibilities in our time for a progressive leftist movement. Please register for this free event at (we need a count for refreshments): Facebook Invite: Iran Teach-in with Ervand AbrahamianThis event was organized by the Platypus Affiliated Society, with the help of United4Iran, Amnesty, and Network of Iranian Labor Unions. Groups /