Judiciary authorities ambiguous about Kahrizak court date

Feb 23, 20100 comments

The Iranian Judiciary’s First Deputy said on Sunday that the trial court of those responsible for Kahrizak Detention Center events will be held as early as late March. Seyed Ebrahim Raeesi refrained again to provide clear information about the trial date, even though the case investigations are complete and the case obviously is of utmost importance. According to Raeesi, a committee appointed by the Superior Council on National Security has been in charge of this case and has submitted its report. He added: “This report includes points, a part of which have been reviewed in the Armed Forces Judicial Organization and another part has been reviewed in the Judges’ Courts. The Armed Forces Judicial Organization has completed its review and will publicly announce its report and initial review, and the Judges’ Courts will also inform the public about the reviews it has conducted.” During a recent ceremony to inaugurate judicial trainees in Qom, Raeesi met with reporters, and answering a question about the Kahrizak case and its review process, he said: “It was previously announced that the Armed Forces Judicial Organization has reviewed the case and a report has also been submitted on this review. The case will go on to court and God willing, the Judicial Organization will soon announce the date when the court will review the case.” Asked about the possibility that the Kahrizak court might convene before the end of the Iranian year (March 21, 2010), the Iranian Judiciary’s First Deputy, Raeesi, said: “I think everything is ready and initial investigations have been completed and the courts will soon review the case.” Despite the repeated announcements of Iranian Judiciary authorities about their efforts to pursue the the culprits in the Kahrizak Detention Center case, so far no names have been announced and it is not clear who the top suspects in the case are. Additionally, it is not yet clear whether the said courts will convene publicly or behind closed doors because some of the suspects are police authorities. The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran is concerned that repeated delays and lack of transparency on the part of judicial authorities regarding individuals who were responsible for violations committed inside Kahrizak Detention Center, violations that led to deaths of at least three detainees, may follow the same fate as similar cases in the past, such as review of violations of those who were responsible in the 1998 Tehran University Dormitory incidents, keeping authorities from holding the main culprits accountable. Source: http://www.iranhumanrights.org/2010/02/judiciary-authorities-ambiguous-about-kahrizak-court-date/