Choose U4I on #GivingTuesday

Nov 27, 20180 comments

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to generosity. United for Iran’s work was founded and continues to succeed because of the generosity of supporters like you. When you express your support in the form of a small donation, you help some of Iran’s most vulnerable communities. These are some of the ways you are helping the people of Iran:

1. You are Standing Up for Iran’s Political Prisoners
Iran has at least 800 political prisoners. Iranian officials go to lengths to hide that they are arresting people simply because they spoke out against a policy, attended a peaceful gathering, or practiced a faith other than what is deemed acceptable by the Islamic Republic. Our researchers work hard every day to confirm and record the identity of Iran’s political prisoners so that despite the Islamic Republic’s efforts, there is a record of the injustice that these men and women face.

2. You are Protecting Women’s Rights
Iranian women and girls are legally subordinate to men in many aspects including inheritance, marriage, divorce, and child custody. However, there is a way around some of these legal hardships that few women know of or have the resources to pursue. Marriages in Iran are contractual, the terms of which can be determined by the couple beforehand. United for Iran’s Hamdam mobile application offers women legal support and provides users easy to follow sample language to be included in their marriage contract. Once the suggested language is added, the rights are legally binding and women have the right to make decisions about their own education, work, and travel after marriage and can get a divorce with relative legal ease.

3. You are Supporting Women’s Health
Comprehensive and unbiased sexual health information is not readily available in Iran. While the Iranian government provides little sex-education, the information is limited and only available to young married couples. The Hamdam mobile application aims to level the playing field by offering unbiased sexual education to any Iranian with a smartphone. The application provides easy to understand information on STDs, contraception methods, and breast cancer screenings. Hamdam is also the only mobile application that allows Iranian women to track their period and ovulation cycle using the Persian Jalali calendar, a solar calendar that is used in Iran.

4. You are Offering a Compassionate Hand to Recovering Addicts
About 2.8 million Iranians are regularly consuming drugs. The government’s efforts have not sufficiently addressed the epidemic that has affected millions of Iranian families. The Haami mobile application provides compassionate and trusted support for people struggling with substance abuse, along with their friends and family. The app offers a range of resources and educational information for those involved.

5. You ar‌‌‌e Providing Protection to Human Rights Defenders
The Islamic Republic of Iran continuously targets human rights defenders. The people in Iran who care to report individual incidents or systematic abuses of power are at high risk of arrest and abuse. Our mobile application Hafez allows human rights defenders to securely record and report violations. Users also have access to an extensive digital rolodex of attorneys and their areas of expertise, so they can attain quick legal representation when needed.

You ar‌‌‌e Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence
According to a survey carried by the Iranian government, 63% of women in Iran have experienced domestic violence, including 12% who reported that their abuse had become life-threatening. The Toranj mobile application quickly connects victims of domestic violence with the resources and support they need to be safe, both in the present-moment and long term. The app offers various social and legal tools, including made-for-mobile educational resources, a legal support handbook, tools for self-assessing romantic relationships, and a database of free counseling centers and pro-bono law firms.

You are Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse is difficult to discuss, especially with children. Unfortunately, children in Iran, like many children all around the world, are not immune from the dangers of sexual abuse. With the Michka mobile application, we’ve offered Iranian parents a tool to make this difficult conversation a little bit easier. Michka brings the issue of sexual abuse to children’s attention in a language and framework that is appropriate and understandable for them. The application is a game and e-book for children ranging from 6 to 12 years of age.You are helping transform lives each and every day. Without your support, this work would have not been possible. If you can, please make a tax-deductible donation to continue your support.