Arrests of online publication members Ardavan Torakemeh, Maziar Samiee, Yashar Darolshafa

Feb 8, 20100 comments

Several individuals have been arrested in relation to Omid Montazeri’s arrest and his show trial on Iranian state television. Yashar Darolshafa, Maziar Samiee, and Bahar Torakemeh were arrested on Wednesday night. Maziar Samiee had been arrested earlier. On the afternoon of Ashura (December 27, 2009), security forces went to Omid Montazeri’s home and in his absence, they arrested his mother, Mahin Fahimi and her guests. Plainclothes officers left a summons for Omid at home. The next day Omid turned himself in at the courts whereupon he was arrested and transferred to Evin Prison. One of the guests at the house was Ardavan Torakemeh, Omid Montazeri’s friend. After Omid Montazeri’s confessions were broadcast on television, last night at midnight, five plainclothes officers went to Maziar Samiee’s home and arrested him and took his computer, personal notes and his books. He has been transferred to an unknown location. Yashar Darolshafa was arrested at his home in a similar fashion. Bahar Torakemeh, sister of Ardavan Torakemeh, who was arrested on Ashura day at his home was also arrested at her home last night. Security officers also went to Aidin Akhavan’s home yesterday, but he was not home. Four Days ago, Iranian state television (IRIB), broadcast Omid Montazeri’s show trial in which Omid admitted to being a journalist who has no other intentions other than cultural work. In parts of his confession, he referred to the internet publication of “Sar-e Peech.” This online publication whose host and domain are presently deleted, published an assortment of articles, reports, and translations on Iran’s cultural and current affairs. Its contributors were a group of young students. Sar-e Peech’s first issue was entitled “Olympics,” and in it the Olympics were criticized for their anti-athletic policies. The publication’s sixth and last issue was entitled “The Shah Left,” comprising of a collection of notes which discuss the 1979 Revolution and criticize the Shah of Iran. Maziar Samiee, Yashar Darolshafa, and Ardavan Torakemeh each had published notes and interviews on Sar-e Peech. Source: