Arrest of Journalist Vahid Pourostad

Feb 9, 20100 comments

Vahid Pourostad, an experienced Iranian journalist, was arrested at his home on Monday night on a warrant issued by the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office. Only two days before the 11 February anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, the widespread arrests of social activists and journalists now includes Pourostad. Pourostad, who has published several books, is an experienced editor in the Iranian press. One of his friends told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that Pourostad was arrested at his mother-in-law’s home. His home was later searched and his laptop computer and hand-written notes were confiscated. Arresting officers did not give his family their reasons for his arrest. He has served as a member of the editorial boards of MosharekatYas-e No, and Vaghaye Ettefaghiehnewspapers and wrote for reformist newspapers Etemad Melli, Mosharekat, and Salam. Pourostad was also one of the founding members of the editorial board of Etemad Melli, but was dismissed from his position there last year. Farhikhtegan was the last newspaper on whose editorial board Pourostad served. Vahid Pourostad is the author and producer of a book series related to legal documents pertaining to Iranian press. Some of the books he has published are ”Tous [Newspaper] Trial,” ”Ava [Publication] Trial,” and ”Adineh [Publication] Trial,” in which he discusses the formation of publications and their court trial proceedings. Source: