13 Aban – Anticipated Routes Inside Iran

Nov 3, 20090 comments

From http://homylafayette.blogspot.com/2009/11/meeting-points-and-routes-for-november.html

The following are meeting points and demonstration routes announced by various local chapters of the Green Movement for November 4. They are not final and only represent the latest information gleaned from various sources. They are subject to change and will be updated as more information comes in. The Iranian regime is waiting until the last possible moment, Tuesday evening, to announce all official meeting points and routes. The opposition has announced it will be present on the same official routes. However, the slogans that the opposition will employ appear to have been finalized: ‘Obama, Obama, ya ba ouna, ya ba ma.’ (Obama, Obama, you’re either with them, or with us.) ‘Na shahrghi, na gharbi, dolateh sabzeh melli.’ (Neither eastern, nor western, a national green government.) ‘Russiyeh faribkar, dast az sareh ma bardar.’ (Deceitful Russia, leave us alone)

#Tehran Official route: Tehran University Mosque to the former American Embassy compound on the corner of Taleghani Street and South Moffateh Street, south of 7th Tir (Hafteh Tir) Square. 10 AM 7th Tir Square, down South Mofatteh Street to the former American embassy compound on the corner of Taleghani Street. Mehdi Karroubi has announced that he will be at 7th Tir Square (Hafteh Tir) at 10:30 AM Amir Kabir University, along Sommayeh Street, up South Moffateh Street, to the former American embassy compound on the corner of Taleghani Street. # Tabriz (source: Enghelab Sabzeh Tabriz) 11 AM Tabriz University to Falekeh Daneshgah (University Water Pump) # Isfahan (source: Mowjeh Sabz, Esfahan) 10 AM Route 1: Shiraz Gate (Darvazeh Shiraz) to Enghelab Sq. Route 2: Russian Consulate to Enghelab Sq. # Shiraz (source: Iran’s Green Movement Supporters in Shiraz) 9 AM Route 1: Pirouzi Crossroads to Shahcheragh Shrine Route 2: Shahzadeh Ghassem Square to Shahcheragh Shrine # Ahvaz 5 PM Beginning of Naderi Street