Welcoming Our New Co-Director

Feb 23, 20170 comments

Dear U4I Community,

I’m thrilled to announce the promotion of Reza Ghazinouri to Co-Director of United for Iran. Reza’s new position makes official the role he has naturally grown to play for some time now; and as United for Iran’s Executive Director for 7 years, it brings me much joy to share the responsibility with such a competent, innovative and inspiring partner.

Reza’s vision has been pivotal as United for Iran transitioned to a new model for creating change.

He successfully advocated that our strength is in bridging the gap between technology and human rights in Iran, and we should focus the organization’s resources on creating technologies that strengthen civil liberties. This led to the creation of IranCubator, our effort to develop social good apps that empower and support everyday Iranians.

Reza was a refugee in Turkey when he began working with United for Iran in 2012. A year before, he was kicked out of Tehran University for his activism. Administrators, denied his graduate degree despite the fact he ranked 6th in the National Graduate University Entrance Exam. Reza was forced to flee Iran in 2011 as his friends were being arrested and sentenced to long prison terms.

One of the first projects Reza managed was the Iran Prison Atlas, which still serves as an advocacy tool for NGOs, activists, foreign governments, and anyone working to improve human rights in Iran.

Reza has shown great heart and leadership as Program Director in the past 2 years — rising above the many challenges of human rights work.

We are proud to work with Reza and welcome the opportunity to share his leadership with a growing community of human rights advocates around the world. Here’s to our future!

In solidarity,

Firuzeh Mahmoudi
Executive Director, United for Iran