We Moved Twitter to Action

Feb 7, 20180 comments

We have great news to share! Twitter has accepted our call and now provides improved account protection to users in Iran.

Twitter made the change after thousands of you joined us in signing a petition.

Last month we asked you to join our campaign, pressuring Twitter to better protect Iranian protesters. More than 17,000 of you joined us in this call. Following that, Twitter updated its policy and now allows Iranian users to set-up two-factor authentication with their phone numbers. Two-factor authentication protects the user’s information including their identity and their direct messages.

The issue of users’ account security is especially sensitive in an authoritarian regime like Iran where the government has a long history of unlawfully accessing activists’ accounts to gather evidence against them. Once the authorities arrest an activist, they use the information to pressure him into making statements against himself and others.

We applaud Twitter for amending its policy.

Thank you for giving your voice to this important cause. We hope to share more great news like this soon.