Flowers4Iran: Voices of Children in Iran coordinates “A Child’s Garden” for Arts United for Iran

Nov 28, 20090 comments

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Voices of Children in Iran coordinates “A Child’s Garden” for Arts United for Iran flowers 4 iran

On December 12, united4iran is holding a global arts festival in recognition of the movement for freedom and democracy in Iran.

We believe that a vibrant grassroots, democratic, civically-engaged community provides the best conditions for growth for the most beautiful flowers, our children. Voices of Children in Iran will visually represent this idea as a contribution to the the Arts United for Iran event. It will serve as a message of worldwide solidarity with the children of Iran.

Vision: to create a field of grass of all different shades of green (representing vibrant grassroots activism), with flowers of every color growing up from the grass. Each flower represents a child.

What you can do: The flowers in this garden will be crafted by each participant in the effort, and people should use whatever methods and materials they like to make their flower. Suggestions are given below.

How you can participate:

1) Make your flower. You could…

Draw your flower: Use markers, crayons, rubber stamps, glitter, etc.

Collage: Get some materials together – paper of different colors, fabrics, ribbon, materials from nature (berries, acorns, leaves), etc. Then glue the colored paper or fabrics onto a sheet of paper in the shape of a flower.

3-D objects: Sculpt with clay, or make something with papier-mache, then take a photo of it and send!

Computer graphics: Of course people who are skilled with digital art can work their magic in the shape of a flower as well.

Message: Feel free to write a message to the children in Iran on your flower, or sign your name/your child’s name on the flower.

Grass: If you have a great idea for a graphic representation of grass, please feel free to contribute that as well!

2) Scan or photograph your flower. Technical: Whether you scan your image or use a digital camera to capture your flower, try to get the image in the highest resolution possible. When you save the image, if you are prompted to save it as a high-quality image (with largest file size) or a lower-quality image (with smaller file size), always choose the largest file size/highest quality image.

Things to keep in mind: if you plan to scan your flower, make sure that the flower you construct is not larger than the bed of your scanner. Alternatively, you could scan your flower in two parts and send it that way, and we will “stitch” it back together with graphics software

3) Send your flower to

PLEASE submit no later than December 9 so that we can put all the contributed flowers together into a single image. THANK YOU!

This is a great project for anyone – from teachers who want to teach their students about current events and civic engagement, to scrapbookers, to artists of every skill level.

Contribute to the message that grassroots efforts to achieve a free and democratic Iran can bring up a global generation of most beautiful flowers of every color and persuasion. flowers 4 iran