UPDATED with more videos: Iran vs. Belgium Soccer (Football) Match – Horn, Chants, Green Crowds, and all

Jan 16, 20100 comments

Updated: We were forwarded a few more videos from the same event. A lot more singing and green peace signs, and of course, the obligatory chants in support of the people of Iran. It’s fascinating to watch the diaspora mirror the Iranian peoples’ chants on the extraordinary world stage that is soccer. The first video is great: watch the crowds chant in count with the team’s warm-up!

About a week ago we posted this video of Iranian spectators chanting and throughly frustrating the Iranian-sent photographers with the lack of appropriate photo opportunities.We just happened upon an (indoor) soccer match between Iran and Belgium, where it seems the Iranian-Belgium residents take up the very same chants during the game. Complete with horn, green balloons, angry security in orange vests (take look around 50 seconds into the video), and a lot of the same slogans popular amongst demonstrators in Iran. Some out-of-alignment flag waving, but all-in-all, a good watch.

And make sure to take a look at minute 2:51 where  Iran scores a goal and this same green crowd goes wild. (The teams tied 4-4.)