Update: A Companion for Every Iranian Women

Aug 10, 20170 comments

Last March I sent a note about the launch of Hamdam, one of IranCubator’s first apps. Today, we have great news to share about the app.

First things first: Hamdam is a smartphone app from our IranCubator project that provides Iranian women with a one-stop-shop for information about reproductive health and legal rights.

The great news is: Hamdam has been downloaded over 130,000times.

Soudeh Rad, a gender equality activist who lead the development of Hamdam, was clear that the app should provide legal resources in addition to information about sexual health. “Women don’t enjoy legal equality in Iran, however there are ways of resisting the inequality within the existing system. We wanted to raise the awareness of the average Iranian woman on how she can protect herself from some of these inequalities,” explained Rad.

Hamdam users have collectively viewed the apps pages’ about 2.5 million times and have spent over 20,000 hours on the app!

When we first introduced Hamdam to you we hoped that Hamdam would be “true to its name and become a companion for Iranian women.” Nothing makes us happier to see that the app is providing support for so many Iranian women.

Women across Iran now have access to answers about marriage law and how to tackle problems with employment, education, divorce, division of assets and more. You can learn more about the services Hamdam provides to Iranian women by reading the media coverage by Mother Board and BuzzFeed.

We’re off to a great start but millions more could benefit from Hamdam. I hope you’ll download Hamdam and share the app with your friends and family today.