Unprecedented Pressure On Slain Protester’s Family–Brother Arrested

Feb 18, 20110 comments

An informed source told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran on condition of anonymity that news about the arrest of Ghane Jaleh, brother of slain Iranian protester, Sane Jaleh, is accurate. The informed source told the Campaign that following Ghane Jaleh’s interview with VOA, in which he vehemently denied claims about his brother’s association with the Basij Organization, he was arrested by security forces. Sane Jaleh was shot and killed during the 14 February demonstrations in Tehran. The informed source also told the Campaign that he learned through his friends in the city of Paveh, that the wife of Jaleh’s cousin, who is a member of the Basij, is now answering the telephones inside Sane Jaleh’s family home in Paveh. Last night, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran tried several times to contact Jaleh’s parents’ home in Paveh to confirm news of Ghane Jaleh’s arrest. Each time a woman answered the call and said that Ghane is free and well, but is unable to answer the phone. Ghane Jaleh told Voice of America during an interview that early in the morning the previous day, before the Jaleh family had yet learned of Sane’s death, his cousin who is a Basij member went to their home and asked for a photograph of Sane’s. “He was my cousin, so I didn’t doubt him and gave him the photograph,” Ghane Jaleh told the VOA. A university friend of Sane Jaleh’s, who also requested anonymity for security reasons, told the Campaign that four of the students arrested at Tehran Arts University yesterday were released last night, but there is no news of the other arrested students’ conditions. “We were unable to hold our ceremony yesterday, so have postponed it until Saturday. We will see what happens on Saturday and whether the gentlemen would allow it or whether they would attack us again,” the source told the Campaign, adding that the Arts University is closed today for a graduate entrance examination The Arts University student expressed a word of gratitude for the University’s Security Unit as the only group of people who came to the students’ aid yesterday. “They were the only ones at the University who came to the help of the students as they were being beaten up. They wanted to pull the plainclothes forces away from the students and let them leave the campus, but they got beaten up themselves,” said the source.

Source: http://www.iranhumanrights.org/2011/02/unprecedented-pressure-on-slain-protesters-family-brother-arrested/