UN General Assembly: Protesting at the Hilton (Gallery – Sept 22, 2010)

Sep 29, 20100 comments

On September 22, 2010 – a day before the IRI leader was scheduled to address the United Nations – we gathered with a dozen or so people outside the Manhattan Hilton Hotel Ahmadinejad at which he was staying, intent on making noise. The NYPD, however, wouldn’t let protesters get any closer to the Hilton than a space across across the street behind a metal barricade. The Hilton was surrounded by the police officers, members of the IRI’s entourage, metal barricades, and two enormous garbage trucks, which effectively shut down the entire street. Despite the restrictions and limitations, a dozen or so still gathered and raised their cries in an effort to echo the voices of the Iranian people. See the gallery of photos below. If you have any footage or photos to share, feel free to forward it to share@united4iran.org

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