Threatening protesting students: “We will confront them strongly.”

Jan 7, 20100 comments

Following the post Ashura continuation of student protests in Iranian universities which led to cancellation of examinations at several Tehran universities, Sharif Industrial University’s Student Affairs Vice President has threatened the protesting students with strong confrontation. Vossoughi Vahdat told Fars News Agency: “We will strongly confront whomever wants to cause disruption and disturbance in the way examinations are held.” According to reports, protesting students will hold a gathering at this university which might lead to cancellation of exams.

According to Amir Kabir News, more than 40 end of term exams have been canceled by students. Eight exams at Civil Engineering Department, six at Physics Department, five at Chemistry Department, three at Biomedical Engineering Department, four at Mechanical Engineering Department, four at Mining and Metallurgy Department, three at Computer Department, two at Textiles Department, one at Electrical Engineering Department, and one at Marine Technology Department have been canceled so far.