The Week in Green with Hamid Dabashi: Season 2 opens with Akbar Ganji

Apr 6, 20100 comments

The Week in Green, Season 2 After a short hiatus which saw the release of two special episodes, The Week in Green with Hamid Dabashi returned to its regular schedule this week with the release of a new episode featuring Akbar Ganji.  A renowned journalist, scholar, and political activist, Akbar Ganji has been called “Iran’s preeminent political dissident.”

About The Week in Green with Hamid Dabashi is a weekly online broadcast supporting the civil rights movement in Iran.  The episodes touch on the latest relevant news from inside and outside of Iran and provides analysis the movement. The broadcast works “to keep the information channels open, sustain international focus on the struggles of the Iranian people, increase international understanding of Iranian society, encourage and unite those struggling for meaningful change, provide a platform for prominent intellectuals to address the movement, and, ultimately, realize the dream of a truly democratic Iran.”

Each episode involves three recurring segments: an informative segment reviewing the latest news and developments; an analytical segment offering topical insights into various aspects of the movement; and an inspirational conclusion to help sustain the momentum of the civil rights movement in Iran.  The program includes news footage, expert interviews and panel discussions, and occasional special features.  The show is broadcast and subtitled in both English and Persian.

در هجدهمین برنامه هفته سبز با حمید دباشی، روزنامه نگار سرشناس، وفعال مدنی و سیاسی، آقای اکبر گنجی در مورد نیروهای اجتماعی که جنبش سبز را به هستی آوردند گفتگو میکند و همچنین گرفتاریهای اقتصادی رژیم فعلی و راه عملهایی را که پشتیبانان این جنبش میتوانند در آینده برگزینند توضیح میدهد