The Daily Show Tribute to Iran: Farsi Translation

Nov 24, 20090 comments

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From Wikipedia The Daily Show, known in its current incarnation as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, is an American late night satirical television program airing each Monday through Thursday on Comedy Central in the United States. Describing itself as a fake news program, The Daily Show draws its comedy and satire from recent news stories, political figures, media organizations, and often, aspects of the show itself. The show typically opens with a long monologue from Jon Stewart relating to recent headlines and frequently features exchanges with one or more of several correspondents, who adopt absurd or humorously exaggerated takes on current events against Stewart’s straight man persona. The final segment is devoted to a celebrity interview, with guests ranging from actors and musicians to nonfiction authors and political figures.

Daily Show Travels to Iran – (Farsi Translated version) from Sahar Sarshar on Vimeo. Daily Show Goes to Iran from Sahar Sarshar on Vimeo.