Technology is definitely on our side

Sep 30, 20090 comments

Originally Published 7/20/2009 We heard 12 hours ago that a group in Kabul, Afghanistan is interested in having a peaceful rally on July 25th along with the rest of us. Afghanistan would be huge. “Omidvar” tried calling him right away although near midnight but she did not get through.  She tried a few times by phone and then followed it by an email. We tried calling again an hour ago, their morning. No luck. An hour ago, I got a skype text from my dear team-member in DC, her 3am. She said that she just got a message from her friend who is yahoo instant messaging with the gentleman in Kabul. Yeah!!! Contact. She gave me another phone number and his skype address. Within 3 minutes, I skyped-out to him and we had a nice chat. He sounded concerned and sincere. We agreed to check-in tomorrow at the same time. How did people organize like this—globally, in 60 cities, and in three weeks—- before? Technology has changed our lives and paths. Not only in Iran; outside of Iran as well. Without skype, email, facebook, youtube, flickr, twitter and very importantly on-line project management software, we just would not have been able to pull this day off in this way. People of Iran reached out to us via technology; we are reaching right back. It feels good to see people mastering technology in this way. -City Coordinator