Take Action! Send e-Letters demanding the IRI improve prison conditions & provide medical care!

Jul 12, 20100 comments


[ Send a letter to various IRI EMBASSIES and OFFICIALS INSIDE IRAN ]


Evin, Ward 209

We encourage everyone to send e-letters to (1) UN Officials, Heads of State, Foreign Ministers, as well as to (2) the embassies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in order to address the mental and physical state of the IRI’s prisoners of conscience; many of whom are subjected to gruesome prison conditions and denied medical treatment. A number of prisoners are suffering serious health problems exacerbated by the atrocious prison conditions. The IRI is targeting prisoners of conscience by forcing them to endure overcrowding, disease, unsanitary conditions, malnutrition, and low-quality food, all while restricting or refusing prisoners access to medical care. There have been several confirmed reports of rancid food, germ-ridden bedding, and arbitrarily-restricted access to medical care. The IRI authorities are violating the country’s legal obligations by breaching the mandates set-forth in Article 10 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which the IRI is signatory, that states “All persons deprived of their liberty shall be treated with humanity and with respect for the inherent dignity of the human person.” Directions Please note there are TWO (2) e-letters addressing the same concerns in different manners as appropriate for the e-letter’s recipients. We recommend you send both these e-letters in order to ensure the requests and demands are heard by 60+ recipients worldwide. Letter to WORLD LEADERS & OFFICIALS The first letter will be sent to various world leaders, including UN Officials, Foreign Ministers, & Heads of State. To access this letter, please click here: http://bit.ly/9m8o7K Letter to IRI EMBASSIES and IRI OFFICIALS The second letter will be sent to IRI embassies and officials inside Iran. To access this letter, please click here: http://bit.ly/aMTs49 If you have any questions, please e-mail us at info@united4iran.org