Symbollic Hunger Strike: Feb 19-21

Mar 2, 20100 comments

This past week, various human rights organizations participated in a symbolic hunger strike in support of the people of Iran and their efforts to attain basic rights. Demands of the event included the following:

  1. Abolition of capital punishment and condemnation of recent executions in Iran;
  2. Freedom of all political prisoners;
  3. Solidarity with Iranian people’s struggle for democracy

The symbolic strike was held in various cities, including Atlanta, San Francisco, New York, and many more. Below are clips forwarded from organizers in the last few days. The event was hosted by the follow organizations: New York: Solidarity Committee for Advancement of Democracy in Iran Vancouver: Neda for Freedom Atlanta: People4Iran [February 19-21st, 2010] Montreal: Committee to Defend Iranian people’s struggle Ottawa: Persian Cultural Association Dallas: Anjoman Ara Iran, San Francisco: Los Angeles: Supporters of “Mournful Mothers” of Iran in LA The event was supported by the following committees: Boston: Boston Iranian Coalition Washington DC: Solidarity Committee to Protect Iranian People’s Will Toronto: Neda for Peace and Freedom Orange County: Orange County Iranians for Democracy Arizona: Democracy and Freedom for Iran Chicago: Committee in Solidarity with people’s Struggle in Iran Florida: Florida for Free Iran A video-taped conversation with one of the organizers in San Francisco, musician Turaj Zaim, will be posted soon as well. If you have pictures or video you’d like to see posted, please feel free to e-mail raw pictures files or YouTube links to Check back frequently as we update with more pictures and footage!

Atlanta, GA:

New York, NY: Solidarity Committee for Advancement of Democracy in Iran