Sajjad Jahanfar, Another Kurdish Author and Scholar, Arrested

Aug 11, 20110 comments

A local source told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that Sajjad Jahanfar, a young author and researcher from Gilan-e-Gharb, was arrested on 12 August in Kermanshah. Jahanfar has authored several books, such as the seven-volume book, “Stories of The Medea Land,” in Persian and the Kurdish language. Sajjad Jahanfar’s arrest took place when security forces showed up to the homes of several literary and cultural activists in Gilan-e-Gharb in the Kermanshah Province during the past two weeks, arresting at least three people. The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran earlier announced the names of three arrested individuals, Jamal Khani, Farhad Vakilinia, and Naeem Najafi, who are members of the Banan Literary Society in Gilan-e-Gharb, and contributors to the cultural website Tagh-e-Vossan. It is not yet clear on what charges the individuals have been arrested and none of them have so far been allowed to contact or see their families.   Source: