Saeed Nour Mohammadi’s Ambiguous Case After 5 Months in prison

Feb 25, 20100 comments

A source close to Saeed Nour Mohammadi, a youth campaigner for Mir Hossein Mousavi, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that authorities in charge of Nour Mohammadi’s case refuse to let his case move forward. Nour Mohammadi was first arrested on June 15, 2009 and served 62 days in prison. He was arrested again on October 21, 2009. The source told us that a prisoner calling from inside the prison has said Saeed Nour Mohammadi has been transferred to the General Ward and he is now in the same cell as Nouraeenejad and Mahmoudian. According to this source, Nour Mohammadi once yelled in the hallway, “Be strong everybody!” This action has caused his interrogators to be tougher on him and to keep his case from moving forward. During a meeting he had with his family this week, Nour Mohammadi told them that he has been moved from Ministry of Information’s Ward 209 to General Ward 350 of Evin Prison. Background: Saeed Nour Mohammadi is a member of Participation Party’s Youth Branch, who headed the 2009 election campaign’s Provinces Committee. He is the only member of a group detained during a group prayer ceremony last Fall who has remained in prison. The group prayer ceremony which was held at Shahab Tabatabaee’s home (Tabatabaee was also arrested post elections), was stormed and tens of people were arrested. During his last visit with his brother, he told him, “They mistreat me a lot.” His brother said that during his visit he noticed his brother’s hand was bandaged, increasing speculations about his prison abuse. Source: