Referendum! The first video from 22 Bahman

Feb 11, 20100 comments

In this video taken in Tehran today, people are chanting for a referendum, referring to the recent calls from Karroubi’s party for a national referendum. According to the Green Voice of Freedom:

The statement by the National Trust Party [Karroubi’s party] argues that “the current situation in the country is” far away from the “ideals” that the Iranian nation were searching for during the revolution. It also divides the current problems in the country into seven groups and states that in order to move away from the current stalemate, all these obstacles need to be accounted for. Karroubi’s party believes that the use of religion as a tool, religious and ethnic discrimination and inequality, ignoring the will of the people in governance, use of violence in solving disputes, violation of the constitution and the judiciary’s role and an infringement on people’s freedoms are among the causes of the recent crises.

The video is available on youTube: