Radio Zamaneh: Iran University Protesters Boycott Exams

Jan 6, 20100 comments

Quick Note: This article caught my eye for several reasons. One being that the only form of similar resistance I’ve ever seen is an entire high school of 1,400 student in an affluent suburb walk out after hearing about budget cuts and looming pink slips. This is the perfect example of the non-violent resistance very much present in this movement. This form of “academic” civil disobedience is a clever way of stagnating the institution. How can you move forward without your academics?

Source: Radio Zamaneh

A group of Tehran Polytechnic University students have boycotted their term exams in protest to the arrest of 12 of their peers. Amir Kabir Newsletter reports the boycotting of 40 term exams that started three days ago. University officials have warned that they will confront the boycotting students and Education Deputy of the Ministry of Science, Hosein Nadermanesh told ISNA that the absent students will receive a failing grade. He added that if it is established that the absence of the students in connected with the recent unrest, they will consider further action against them. Amir Kabir Newsletter reports that in the past few day 15 students have been summoned to the University Disciplinary Committee. Reportedly some of Tehran University students have also boycotted their term exams. Alef Website also reports that exams at the medical, pharmacology and dentistry departments of Tehran University have been delayed due to what the website refers to as “extremism” of some of the students. Like the earlier announcements from the Polytechnic and Elm-o-Sanat Universities, Razi University students in Kermanshah have also announced that if the arrest of students and attacks on the campus continue, they too will boycott classes and exams. University student activists have repeatedly shown their support for disputers of the June presidential elections and held gatherings in protest to the government. In addition to widespread arrest of students, pro-government forces have repeatedly attacked students at the campuses in the past weeks and many students in Mashad were hospitalized with stab wounds in one of the recent attacks.