Project: Music Compilation to Offer a Message of Solidarity and Hope

Feb 24, 20120 comments

As it faces constant attack, the rights movement in Iran needs our support Dear Friends and Artists, We are reaching out to ask for your musical contribution for a project that will provide much needed solidarity across seas. It’s been three years since Iranians took to the streets to demand their votes be counted. Since then, the Iranian regime has brutally cracked down on any opposition, by jailing, torturing and even executing Iranians. Iran ranks first in per capita executions in the world. By the time revolutions against dictatorship spread through the Arab World last year, Iranians were a forgotten people. Today, much of the protest movements in Iran have died out, as rampant fear has taken hold. Iranians are dangerously close to being cut off from communication once the regime implements its National Internet, blocking nearly all non-Iranian websites. Meanwhile, some continue to demonstrate support for their Arab brothers and sisters, and for now, memorable acts of solidarity can reach Iran. On this third anniversary of the June 12 disputed elections, we are calling artists to join us in sharing their messages of struggle, hope, resistance from their regions – in solidarity with Iranians who are resisting.

Project: A free online compilation CD for worldwide download – targeted to Iranians in the country, with a secondary audience of international supporters and new allies. We seek to find musicians willing to “donate” an existing song about/for Iran and/or that aligns with messages of solidarity, strength, struggle, hope, resistance, reform; or even to record a new song.

Timeline: We would like to release the CD online before the June anniversary. The deadline for submissions and cover artwork is May 15, 2012.

Video Promotion: We also would like to film clips of various artists who are contributing to the compilation, capturing some of the lyrics and highlighting their city/nation of residence. Grassroots organizer and videographer Shadi Rahimi will be traveling in March and April in an attempt to capture some footage, if you are interested please also let us know to visit you!

Contact: Thank you for your interest in the project and we hope to hear from you soon! Please also forward this letter to whomever you think might be interested in being part of the collaboration.

Sincerely, United4Iran