Problems, Fears, and Hopes of Iranian Asylum Seekers in Turkey (Part III)

Jan 25, 20100 comments

Continuing the interview series, the  International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran sat down with an Iranian refugee who spent 18 months in Turkey, waiting for asylum. This refugee, who was working as a journalist in Iran, talks about issues surrounding seeking asylum in Turkey, financial difficulties related to renting a residence, language barriers, and interacting with local communities. This journalist admires the efforts of organizations trying to help refugees. But he also believes that these efforts must somehow become coordinated, and it must be clear how much financial assistance each refugee will receive. He says that in order to make his ends meet, he has had to start working as a gardener. This refugee also refers to the presence of many Iranians in Turkey whose lives may not have been in danger in Iran, and their political case files possibly being fabricated as political or social activists or journalists. He says such actions have made it really difficult for the United Nations to identify individuals with a real need for help. You can listen to the interview here.