Press Release – Lahore, Pakistan

Oct 10, 20090 comments

PRESS RELEASE LAHORE: (25 July) A Pakistani group of political activists has expressed its solidarity with the struggle for democracy in Iran and called upon the Irani government to release all political prisoners there and observe the charter of human rights. A meeting of Friends of Democracy, a Pakistani group of political workers, intellectuals and human rights activists, took place in Lahore on Saturday to deliberate on the prevailing situation in Iran and issued the following statement: The group is concerned at the prevailing situation in Iran following the presidential elections there for it could have fall-out for the entire region. The Friends of Democracy condemn human rights violations against political workers, intellectuals and journalists of Iran. The group expresses its solidarity with Irani people who have been struggling for the cherished goals of freedom and democracy. The group believes the oppression in the name of religion is unacceptable and it condemns state oppression against religious and ethnic minorities in Iran. The Friends of Democracy is of the view that the ongoing struggle of Irani people is an indigenous movement for democracy and any foreign intervention by big powers in the internal politics of Iran will undermine it. The Friends of Democracy call upon the Irani government to observe due process of law and observe universal charter of human rights. It demands of the Irani government to immediately release all political prisoners, hold fair investigation into the allegations of torture and excesses on political activists and move towards fair and transparent democratic process. The meeting was attended by among others Dr Mehdi Hasan, Hussain Naqi, Shah Taj Qazilbash, Farzana Mumtaz, Shehzada Muzammil, Nadeem Anthony, Asma Jehangir, Farooq Tariq, Irfan Mufti, Wali-ur-Rehman, Suhail Anjum and Rao Abid. Mehboob Ahmad Khan Convener Friends of Democracy 0300-4061801