Political Prisoners’ Families Detained, Interrogated, and Verbally Abused

Dec 20, 20100 comments

A few hours after Fatemeh Maleki, wife of imprisoned Iranian filmmaker and blogger Mohammad Nourizad, was transferred to Tehran’s Modarres Hospital, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reached a source who told us about Maleki’s arrest and hospitalization. “Her psychological state was so poor after the interrogations, she was unable to stand up and as soon as the interrogations were completed, she was transferred to a hospital by her family. Mrs. Nourizad has a history of high blood pressure and her family are seriously concerned for her and the stress she has endured recently,” the source said. On Thursday, 16 December, Mohammad Nourizad’s family, along with Fakhrossadat Mohtashamipour, wife of imprisoned reformist Mostafa Tajzadeh, were arrested in front of Evin Prison on the charge of “congregation.” The arrest followed news published on Nourizad’s website, announcing his transfer to a hospital, following deterioration of his physical condition as a result of his hunger strike. Family of the imprisoned filmmaker and blogger had gathered outside Evin Prison to inquire about his health when they were arrested. For the past two weeks, Mohammad Nourizad has not been allowed to have any visitors. Over the past few days, Fatemeh Maleki had told reporters that she is concerned as she has no information about her husband and his condition. The informed source told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that families of Nourizad and Tajzadeh had gone to Evin Prison because of their concern for their health. “They arrested and took all members of the Nourizad family and Mr. Tajzadeh’s wife to the Detention Center on Vozara Avenue. All Nourizad family members, including his brothers, sisters-in-law, and sisters who had been arrested were interrogated separately,” said the source. “From the very beginning, the arrests and interrogations were accompanied by violence and verbal abuse of the officers. During the interrogations, the group was asked about the reason for their congregation, and who had organized the gathering. Families of both prisoners told the officers that they did not intend to have a congregation, but only to find out news about their imprisoned relatives on Ashura Day,” the source told the Campaign. Mohammad Nourizad’s health deteriorated during the sixth day of his dry hunger strike; he remains in prison at this time. Several artists, journalists, and political activists had asked Nourizad to end his hunger strike over the recent days.

Source: http://www.iranhumanrights.org/2010/12/political-prisoners-families-detained-interrogated-and-verbally-abused/