Podcast: United4Iran creates a global movement to support the civil rights of Iranians

Nov 14, 20090 comments

mideastyouthlogoFrom Mideast Youth

November 9th, 2009 Esra’a (Bahrain) United4Iran is a nonprofit startup whose mission is to “promote fundamental human and civil rights in Iran.” In this podcast, I speak with the organization’s founder, Firuzeh Mahmoudi, and 2 of the organization’s volunteers, Tori Egherman and Kamran Ashtary. We first talk generally about United4Iran as an initiative, and then move on to how they’re using social media to mobilize millions of people on the web, and whether rallies around the world and media coverage can actually change anything (hint: it may not seem obvious, but yes it can.) Most of us at Mideast Youth wholeheartedly support this project and can’t wait to start collaborating with them in the near future. In the meantime, here is the podcast. Podcast: Play in new window | Download