Peaceful Protests End With Two Killed, 150 Arrested, And Dozens Injured

Feb 16, 20110 comments

According to news published by official organizations, at least two protesters were killed and 150 others were arrested during the 14 February demonstrations. The first protester to lose his life was Sane Jaleh, 26, a drama student at the Tehran Arts University. The Sunni student, originally from Paveh, Kurdistan, received a direct bullet shot which led to his death at the hospital. Mohammad Mokhtari, 22, is allegedly the second protester who lost his life during the demonstrations yesterday. There is no further official information on Mokhtari and the Campaign was unable to verify the accuracy of this information. Unofficial account state that Mohammad Mokhtari received a bullet wound yesterday and died in hospital today. Official Iranian news outlets have introduced yesterday’s shooters as members of the MEK and seditionists. Though Islamic Republic’s official media try to introduce Sane Jaleh as a Basij member and state that he and the other victim were both murdered by the “Hypocrites” [referring to the MEK], the Art University students gathered today to demand a trial of those responsible for this crime. They also made photographs of Jaleh during a visit with the late Ayatollah Montazeri available to news websites. According to ISNA News Agency, Commander Radan, Deputy Chief of Police, said in his official statement today that the call for the 14 February demonstrations had been initiated by the US, the UK, and Israel, who have been in touch with the “heads of sedition.” He also said that police forces were shot during the demonstrations the day before. According to Radan, nine security forces and citizens have been badly injured and 150 people were arrested. Eye witnesses and images captured from yesterday’s demonstration, however, indicate that police forces and the Special Police Force attacked people with batons, sticks, tear gas, and bullets. Source: