Payvand & Iran Times: U4I to Host International Human Rights Day Events Dec 12

Dec 12, 20090 comments

By Grace Nasri, Iran Times In celebration of the United Nations’ International Human Rights Day December 12, United 4 Iran will facilitate Arts United 4 Iran, a day devoted to worldwide displays of musical, visual, and performing arts in solidarity with Iranians and their fight for human rights in Iran.

The non-partisan event titled, “Arts United 4 Iran,” will focus on human and civil rights in solidarity with the people of Iran. Musicians, artists, writers and concerned citizens will use Arts United 4 Iran as a medium to show their solidarity with the Iranian people and artists’ struggle for human and civil rights. December 12 marks the first Saturday after International Human Rights Day (IHRD), which marks the 61st anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is also the six-month anniversary of the disputed June 12 Iranian presidential election and the beginning of the peaceful protests in Iran that were violently suppressed. The event aims to rally support to stand in solidarity with Iranian artists, activists, students, and concerned citizens fighting for human and civil rights and to increase public awareness about the continuing civil rights movement in Iran. United 4 Iran also hopes the event will engage new partners and artists in support of civil and human rights in Iran and connect communities around the world working to support the Iranian struggle. Firuzeh Mahmoudi, the international coordinator for United 4 Iran, told the Iran Times, “12/12 is an opportunity both to celebrate the tremendous bravery of those involved in Iran’s civil rights movement, and to remind the rest of the world that egregious human and civil rights violations are still occurring systematically and regularly on a daily basis. Through the ‘acts of art’ performed or accomplished on 12/12, United 4 Iran hopes to give the civil rights heroes in Iran the loud and proud message that we have their backs and that the world is watching.”

Firuzeh Mahmoudi

Many cities across the world are planning similar events December 12, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Dusseldorf, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Vancouver. Mahmoudi added that there would be at least 10 concerts, gallery showings in about 15 cities, and a dozen or so events at museums, studios, homes and other forums. A participant’s involvement in Arts United 4 Iran could range from an online message, a song or performance held at a coffeehouse, home, community center, or workplace, to a photographic display, a poetry slam, a gallery exhibit, a theatrical performance or a rock concert. The events currently planned include online messages of support, exhibitions, photo galleries, concerts, theater performances and film screenings. For more information about United 4 Iran visit: / About Iran Times: The Iran Times is an independent newspaper with no affiliation with any political party or faction The Iran Times corporation was founded in Washington D.C. in 1970, in accordance with U.S. federal and local regulations: