No information about Mashad student, Mohammad Reza Lotfi, arrested 10 days ago

Mar 12, 20100 comments

Location and the reasons for the arrest of Mashhad Azad University student activist, Mohammad Reza Lotfi Yazdi, who was arrested by security forces at his father’s home more than 10 days ago are still unknown. A close relative of this student activist who is familiar with the case told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that the family’s efforts to find him over the past few days have been fruitless, and no organization in the city of Mashhad has taken any responsibility for his arrest. They have been told only that Mohammad Reza has been transferred to Tehran. Lotfi’s family and activist friends are concerned about his violent arrest and lack of information about his whereabouts and charges. Mohammad Reza Lotfi is currently a student of Mashhad Azad University, and in the past he was a member of Human Rights Activists Organization. Ten days ago individuals who introduced themselves as Tehran Ministry of Information agents arrested him at his father’s house in Mashhad with the charges of espionage. According to what has been reported, the arresting agents brutally attacked and beat Lotfi, breaking things and taking away books, notes, and his personal computer while insulting his family. The security agents said that they were taking him to Tehran. According to his close friends, Mohammad Reza Lotfi Yazdi was about to get married and after his earlier release from Mashhad’s Intelligent Office he was no longer involved in any student activism or human rights activities.