“Networking is the First Priority For Iranian Human Rights Activists”

Jan 7, 20100 comments

Sohrab Razzaghi, civil society activist and researcher reviewed human rights, organizations active in human rights, and required steps for improving human rights in Iran during an interview with Zamaneh Radio. During this interview, he pointed out the positive effects of statements by international human rights organizations which condemn violations of human rights in Iran, and suggests steps Iranian human rights activists could take to improve the current situation. Razzaghi said:

“Bringing international attention to the situation of human rights in Iran is effective. No one can deny the effectiveness of these statements or any discussions about violations of human rights in Iran. We can’t, however, summarize all international human rights efforts into issuing statements. We mustn’t only look to outside world for help. While we expect international efforts, human rights activists inside Iran must also be engaged. Activists must distance themselves from isolated groups which lack local networks. Iranian human rights activists must try to base their efforts on creating a cooperative network, avoid limiting human rights to specific topics and work to get the word out, see human rights as a collective, paying attention to all its components. They should also try to bring human rights out of its isolated position in the margins and turn it into a dominant dialogue within the general public. We also need to create rapport among human rights activists, human rights organizations, and the public. We must create communication links among all.”