Morteza Semyari Released on $600,000 Bail

Mar 9, 20100 comments

Morteza Semyari, Secretary of Social Affairs of Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat, was released on a 600 million Tooman (equivalent to US $600,000) bail and custodianship. Semyari’s release orders from Ward 209 of Evin prison were issued after his bail of $500,000 and his custodianship of $100,000 were posted. “The Semyari family had said earlier that they could never be able to post such a heavy and unreasonable bail,” a student activist told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. “Semyari’s uncles posted bail by bringing deeds to three homes which added up to 500 million Tomans, paying most of the heavy bail. ” Semyari, a member of the board of Daftar Tahkim-e Vahdat, who was arrested on 4 January for a meeting he never had with European Parliament members, was sentenced to six years in prison in a show trial presided by Judge Salavati. It should be mentioned that after Semyari’s arrest for an unrealized meeting with a special delegation of European Parliament during a trip which was canceled, Barbara Lochbihler sent a letter to the Iranian Ambasaddor in Brussels, objecting to this illegal detention.