Mohsen Safaee Farahani and Behzad Nabavi each Receive Six-Year Prison sentences

Jan 20, 20100 comments

Mohsen Safaee Farahani and Behzad Nabavi, two prominent reformist political figures arrested after the 12 June 2009 presidential elections, have been sentenced to six-year prison terms. The court reviewing Safaee Farahani’s charges issued its final verdict 37 days after the last court session and 200 days after his arrest and imprisonment. Former Deputy Parliament Speaker Behzad Nabavi received his sentence from Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court. Nabavi’s attorney, Saleh Nikbakht told ILNA: “His sentence was issued on 14 November 2009 for the charge of ‘actions against national security’. He received the maximum punishment allowable by law, which is five years’ imprisonment. For the charge of ‘propaganda against the regime,’ stemming from statements issued on behalf of the Islamic Revolution Mujahedin Organization prior to June 13 and on June 13 and 16, he was sentenced to one year in prison, again maximum punishment for the charges as defined in Article 500 of Islamic Penal Code.” Regarding Nabavi’s other charges, he said: “Regarding keeping confidential documents, his case remains open, but regarding the charge of ‘disruption in public order,’ the verdict has remained silent.” Tehran Prosecutor’s Office has announced that Nabavi is on a 10 day furlough on bail of 8 billion Rials and will return to the hospital over the next two days in order to resume his treatment. Saleh Nikbakht will submit an appeal to the court within the allotted time. Nikbakht said Nabavi’s hospitalization at Khatam-ol-Anbia Hospital was done on orders and through supervision of Tehran Prosecutor and his deputies. “On behalf of Nabavi family, I would like to thank the Tehran Prosecutor’s actions. Since the Tehran Prosecutor has assumed his new position, all actions pertaining to my client’s case have been legal.” Mohsen Safaee Farahani’s attorney, Houshang Pourbabaee told Fars News Agency: “My client has been sentenced to six years’ imprisonment by the initial court. Yesterday my client was served with the sentence which was issued by Branch 15 of Revolutionary Courts with Judge Salavati presiding.”