Michka now available on iPhone

Oct 13, 20170 comments

Few people know how to handle child sexual abuse. And in Iran, support for victims and their families can be very difficult to find.

Michka is an e-book and game designed to help parents teach children how to identify and report sexual abuse. 

Helping victims and their families is one reason we were excited to share the story of Sahar Shams and her Michka project with you. And it’s why we’re proud to tell you that Michka is now available as an iOS app as well as a version you can download and play on a PC.

Using language children can understand, Michka shares the story of a gender-neutral insect whose wings are their private parts that should not be touched by others. Michka is confused about what to do when one day an adult insect touches Michka’s wings. The story tells a tale of how children can talk to their parents about difficult subjects.

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“Unfortunately, the issue of child sexual abuse is not openly and intelligently discussed in Iran,” says Shams. “My hope with this book is to encourage an open, intelligent discussion about child sexual abuse, so we can provide support to the silent victims.”

As part of the story, Michka tells its young readers that they all have a flower in their heart; a flower that is happy when they are happy, and sad when they are down. Children from across Iran have sent us drawings of their flowers, sharing what makes their flowers happy.

We’re hopeful that many young people and families will prosper as a result of Sahar’s powerful work. I hope you’ll download, read, and support Michka.