Mashad Student Activist Ali Gholizadeh Arrested

Nov 8, 20100 comments

Ali Gholizadeh, a student activist, was arrested by authorities last Friday in his father’s home. The news of his arrest was confirmed by his mother in an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. Gholizadeh is a member of Daftar Tahkim-e Vahdat student organization and has been deprived from continuing his education. “Today at noon, two men came and said that they were Intelligence forces, and want to take Ali for a few questions. They said they would return him before night. It is nighttime now, and there is no news from my child,” the student activist’s mother told the Campaign. “They didn’t touch any of his things. Two cars were parked outside our home. They were five men. Two of them entered the house, and one of them was standing in front of the entrance. I said ‘but my son hasn’t done anything, ask your questions right here.’ They said they would return him before nightfall,” said Gholizadeh’s mother. Ali Gholizadeh is a resident of Mashad and a former Secretary of Shahroud Islamic Association and a current member of the General Council of Daftar Tahkim-e Vahdat student organization. Last year, he was deprived from continuing his graduate studies through a ruling from the Ministry of Intelligence. Previously, he had been arrested by Mashad Intelligence Office on 8 August 2008, and spent time inside the Intelligence Office Detention Center. His family has no information about his detention location. “We will stay up till morning for Ali’s return,” his mother told the Campaign.