Mahdieh Golroo Denied Medical Attention, Health Problems Continue

Nov 8, 20100 comments

Marzieh Golroo, sister of prisoner of conscience Mahdieh Golroo, spoke with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran about her sister’s prison condition. Mahdieh Golroo, who is a member of the Right to Education Council, has been in prison since 3 November of last year and her requests for medical leave have been repeatedly denied for 11 months by prison authorities. Despite poor health, Golroo remains in very good mental condition, says her sister. Mahdieh Golroo’s prison sentence was upeld for another two years. Regarding her sister’s state Marzieh Golroo said, “My sister continues to suffer from an intestinal illness. She got this disease during her first days in prison after eating bad food and because of lack of suitable health facilities. She is always sick and when I went to visit her this Saturday she was too weak. They won’t give prisoners permission to go to the clinic easily. I don’t know the reason for this. Is the reason a lack of physicians at the infirmary, or do they just want to abuse the prisoners? But, thank God, she is mentally well and remains strong and determined.” Mahdieh Golroo’s husband, Vahid Lalipoor, was summoned to appear in court last week to clarify the status of his case file. Lalipoor, who has no prior political activities, was arrested with his wife on the night of 3 November 2009 at their home, and was released nearly four months later in the late March 2010. Marzieh Golroo also talked about Lalipoor’s situation. “According to the court, Vahid’s situation will be decided next week. Presently, we don’t know what kind of ruling will be issued for him,” she said. Marzieh Golroo said that despite repeated requests, authorities have denied her sister furlough. “We go visit her every Saturday through a booth. But, during the last 11 months that she’s been in prison, despite our many requests, her husband’s and her own pleas asking the prison authorities for a leave, we’ve been given no replies. They still tell us, and tell Mahdieh herself, that our requests are pending review. So far, she has had four in-person visits in the last 11 months.” Regarding her expectations from human rights organizations Golroo said, “Prisoners must be given their minimum rights, which include food and facilities, in-person visitation, and prison leave. According to the law, it’s every prisoner’s right to have in-person visitations and prison leave. Mahdieh has not had a prison leave ever since she was arrested, while this is the minimum demand and right of every prisoner. Anytime a person gets sick in prison, even for a simple cold, apparently they must wait for a few weeks to go to the clinic. I do not know whether this is just for political prisoners or for all prisoners. But, when I saw Mahdieh this Saturday, I told her that she must insist on going to the clinic, because she was not been feeling well at all.  Apparently, her other problems are lack of suitable food and warm water.” Mahdieh Golroo has been charged with “propagating against the regime,” “assembly and collusion to disturb public order,” and “having contacts with Mojahedin,” none of which she has accepted.