Light a Candle for Iran: August 5-11, 2010

Jul 13, 20100 comments

From the organizers:

On the 100th anniversary of Iran`s constitutional revolution, we invite everyone whose heart beats for our captive Iran to “Light a Candle” in memory of our Iranian heroes and their sacrifices for a free Iran. It has been years that we have been under despotism and we have fought to free Iran from the claws of the current executioners. Many have sacrificed all and lost their lives to achieve this goal; Babak Khorram-din, Satar khan, Khosro Golesorkhi, Shahpour Bakhtiar, Neda Agasoltan and many more whom sacrificed so much for us and it is our duty to guard the path that they have laid for us. Please join us and “Light a Candle” for Iran and in memory of our heroes and their sacrifices and in solidarity with the people of Iran in their fight for civil and human rights.   Let’s stand together and show that our solidarity can and will keep us and our fight for freedom strong. On the anniversary of Iran`s constitutional revolution (5th of August), we invite everyone whose heart beats for captive Iran to “Light a Candle” at a specific time and a place in any town or city. We can show the world that Iranians can put aside their differences and get together and we can rebuild our country again. “A Candle for Iran” is an independent group with no ties to any political parties. We have one aim, which is to unite everyone to rebuild a successful and broadminded Iran. To free our country from oppression where we can look forward to a bright future for Iran, the children of Iran can have a hopeful future and an Iran where people are happy once again. This campaign, “A Candle for Iran”, began in Norway; the country of peace. We welcome all your comments and thoughts as we believe that a stronger tomorrow is built on united thoughts and opinions. The aim of this campaign is to “Light a Candle” for Iranian heroes on the anniversary of Iran`s constitutional revolution to remember their sacrifices for freedom.  Join “A candle for Iran” group on Facebook. You can also be friend of “Candle Irani” to join the group.

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