Lawyer Dismissed From Faculty Position for Human Rights Work After 25 Years of Teaching

Apr 8, 20110 comments

Mohammad Sharif, a lawyer and professor of law at Allameh Tabatabaee University, was dismissed from his faculty position this week. He spoke with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran about the potential reasons for his dismissal. “I think working on human rights cases was the reason for my dismissal, because there was no other incident to cause this. Though I’ve represented numerous individual rights and public freedom cases, I have always tried to remain within the framework of laws I did not believe in, and I never left that framework. I have been a law-abiding lawyer. I seldom gave interviews, and to the extent possible, I avoided talking to foreign media so that I could continue my services,” he told he Campaign. After the disputed 2009 presidential election, Sharif represented many political and civil activists who were arrested. “It’s interesting. My dismissal letter is signed by Hojjatollah Mansouri, Head of University Administration. He was my student at some point and took two courses with me. He failed both courses. Now he signs my letter of dismissal,” Sharif said. Read the full article here: