Lawyer Arrested Based On Revoked Sentence

May 3, 20110 comments

Mohammad Javad Sholeh Saadi, son of lawyer and former Member of the Parliament Ghassem Sholeh Saadi, who was arrested on 3 April, spoke with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. “He was arrested based on a sentence of 1.5 years in prison for a letter he had written to the Supreme Leader several years ago; but that sentence had been revoked by the Judiciary. Article 18 had been invoked in his case, which revokes the sentence and asks for a retrial. There was also a statute of limitations [on that sentence], but they arrested him and carried out the sentence despite all this,” Sholeh Saadi told the Campaign.

Ghassem Sholeh Saadi, who served in the Iranian Parliament has a representative from Shiraz for two terms, was arrested at the airport in Tehran on 3 April as he returned from the cit of Shiraz. He was transferred directly to Evin Prison. “Prior to his arrest, he had received a summons. His lawyer went to court and submitted his arguments about the revocation of the sentence and the lack of grounds for its implementation, but they did not pay attention to any of the arguments and arrested him,” said Ghassem Sholeh Saadi’s son. Mohammad Javad Sholeh Saadi told the Campaign that all documents indicating the revocation of the sentence by former Head of the Judiciary, Ayatollah Shahroudi, the recent summons, and the lawyer, Shirzad Heydari’s defense arguments, were submitted to the court. “Citing Article 18 [of the Iranian Judiciary’s Procedures To Convene Courts], Mr. Shahroudi had found the [earlier] sentence against Sharia Law and had revoked the sentence. Additionally, [my father] has been informed about another new sentence ruling of one year’s additional imprisonment, 10 years’ ban on teaching at the university, and 10 years’ ban on his legal practice on charges of interviewing with various media. His was informed of his new sentence after he was arrested,” said Mohammad Javad Sholeh Saadi. “The last time my father was imprisoned, he sustained a serious spinal injury in his neck area, due to torture. There is a risk of further spinal injury and complete paralysis for him. A few months ago, he was going to have surgery in Paris, but because he was banned from traveling abroad, he couldn’t leave the country. At this time we are seriously concerned about his health,” he added. Source: