Lawyer and Former MP in Need of Immediate Medical Attention

Aug 15, 20110 comments

In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, Sahandej Sholeh Sadi, wife of university professor, lawyer, and former Member of the Iranian Parliament Ghassem Sholeh Sadi talked about her husband’s new charges and his physical condition in prison. Expressing concern about her husband’s health conditions, Sahandej Sadi said that despite statements by the prison infirmary physician, Mr. Sadi has not yet been transferred outside the prison for examination. “My request is that they review the cases of the prisoners and if the Special UN Rapporteur comes to Iran, that he is able to visit with political prisoners and their families and ask about their requests and see about their conditions,” she told the Campaign. “After five months, I was able to visit him in person last week. His entire body was covered in red spots and he was not feeling well at all. He said that he has developed shingles. Also, his left hand is almost completely paralyzed. He suffered a spinal injury in prison in 2002, and the paralysis in his left hand is a result of that problem. He needs to be seen by a neurologist, but despite the Evin Prison infirmary physician’s orders, he is not allowed to be sent outside for an examination,” said Sahandej Sholeh Sadi. Ghassem Sholeh Sadi was arrested on 3 April at Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport while returning from the city of Shiraz. He was previously arrested in 2002 for writing a critical letter to Ayatollah Khamenei, and served 36 days in detention. He is currently at Evin Prison, serving his 2.5-year prison term. According to his wife, Sholeh Sadi is serving time for two cases, one of which was the 1.5-year prison sentence from 2002 which was already overruled by then Head of the Judiciary, Hashemi Shahroudi, on the grounds that the sentence was neither legal nor based on Sharia. When he was sentenced to a year in prison and ten years’ ban on his legal profession in March, he was informed that he would be serving a total of 2.5 years in prison for both cases.