Journalist Nazanin Khosrovani Denied Visits

Nov 30, 20100 comments

An informed source told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that the family of journalist Nazanin Khosrovani who visited her in prison were told that she was banned from having visitors. Prison officials refused to provide any explanation about why Khosrovani could not receive visitors. Nazanin Khosrovani was arrested by security forces at her home on Wednesday, 2 November and so far has only made one phone call to her family. The reasons and charges that led to her arrest have not been provided by authorities. Khosrovani had been unemployed as a journalist after the disputed 2009 election, and according to friends, she did not have any journalistic or political activity. Her arrest and the lack of information regarding her detention has amazed her former colleagues. “They treat journalists like they would treat hardened criminals. Otherwise, if there is a claim, or if there are charges, they must transparently say what it is, and they should allow individuals to respond to those charges. Nazanin was not engaged in any work other than journalism. Her family and friends are waiting for the authorities to clear up the misunderstanding by releasing her momentarily,” a former colleague of Khosravani’s told the Campaign.