Join Us for 12/12!

Dec 5, 20090 comments

How can you join us on 12-12? You can make a video, sing a song, organize an event, dedicate your art, reach out to artists, talk to your local media, and any number of other things. Most importantly, document your action. Take a picture or make a short video and send us a link or the original file:

Artists, Writers, & Musicians – Join Arts United 4 Iran!

All ranks, types, and numbers of artists, writers, musicians, and performance artists (well known or not) can come out to show support for the civil rights movement in Iran and the Iranian artists by doing the following:

  • Make a message of support for the people of Iran to be posted on our site. This can be done simply with a web-cam or a digital camera. You can post on YouTube and send us the link or you can send us the raw footage at
  • Dedicate a piece of your art (photo, painting, sculpture, written pieces, songs & music, poems, readings, etc.) to 12.12. Email us at share@united4irarg with the poem, photo, writing, picture of the photo along with a message and we will share it on 12.12 on our site for the world to see.
  • Have an event on 12.12 in your city, be it a performance, a showing, or other. Tell us about it now at On the day, document the event (picture or video, email) and share it with us ASAP. You are welcome to use our step–by-step 12/12 planning guide to help organize your event.
  • Please help us get other artists in your community involved. Email us your suggestions regarding who to reach out to and speak to your community directly.

Concerned Citizens of the World – Join Arts United 4 Iran!

Organizers – Help coordinate events for Arts United 4 Iran!

  • Have an event, large or small, in your city. Please refer to our toolkits for more planning resources, tips, and tools.
  • Help get the word out to the artist community. Research what events are already taking place in your city in the arts community and in celebration of the International Human Rights Day. Approach the organizers of these events to join us on this day. The requirements of being part of this are quite simple and easy; mostly it is a symbolic act of solidarity.
  • Click here to find out what is takes. Share with us who you have found so we do not duplicate efforts.
  • If you are too busy to follow-up but have thoughts on what venues and artists U4I should approach, please email your suggestions to
  • Contact the media about your event(s). Please see our media toolkit (coming soon!) for more information and tips regarding dealing with the media (coming soon).
  • Reach out to various NGOs and partners, and local Amnesty chapters that may be organizing event on that day in order to collaborate and co-sponsor the event.
  • Spread the word about 12.12 through your contacts, websites, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. to encourage others to join in.
  • Click here for a step-by-step event planning guide.

Organizing FAQ

What kind of background experience do I need to organize an event? None! The type and extent the event is quite open-ended. You can simply have a gathering at your house and do Rumi reading or a movie showing. Click here for suggestions for events and here for types of events. Organizing is working locally with others in your community (friends and neighbors) to take action. If there is no action registered in my area, what should I do? Start your own! Truly, anyone can be an action organizer. Get your friends and family to help. We hope to see actions in as many places as possible, big and small. How much time, effort, & money will action take? The action can be practically free and quite easy. It can be as simple as organizing a gathering, printing a poster, reading a book, renting a movie, or e-mailing us a digital photo of the act. See our step-by-step guide for more. Be creative and have fun!—and be sure to plan in advance and designate a friend or photographer to make sure you get the digital photo image you need to submit to afterward.